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Children have travelled back in time to the Victorian age when canals were being built.


During this topic, children will be exploring what a canal is and how they were made. We are going to be visiting the local Dudley Canal and Caverns as part of our history topic so children can experience and understand what a canal is. 


Here are some things we will be learning about:


  • What is a canal
  • How were they made?
  • Who made them?
  • Who lived on the narrowboats?
  • What was life like on the narrowboats?
  • How have things changed on canals now. 





Great Fire of London

Our topic this spring term is going to be about the Great Fire of London. We are going to be learning about how London was like before the fire took place. 

Some questions we want to know:

How did London look like before the fire? 

How did the houses look like before the fire? 

Was London clean? 

Was London safe before the fire? 

What caused the fire to spread so quickly? 


Watch this video to find out more about how London was like before the fire. 


We are then going to look at how firefighters looked like in 1666. We are going to look like what they wore and the tools they had to help them to put out the fire. 


We are going to be looking at Samuel Pepys and we are going to be looking at how London was rebuilt after the fire. 


Who was Samuel Pepys?


How did they rebuild London?


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside....

In the summer term we are going to be comparing the seaside in the Victorian era and the seaside we have today. We will also be going on a trip to Weston-super-Mare!


We are going to be using sources from the Victorian era to find out how the seaside has changed.