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How maps can be used at home

We ensure that children have a secure understanding of where they are in the world and it is essential that children know where they are locally and how their locality links to significant places nearby and nationally. Children understand where places and events take place in the news as well as understanding the features of our planet. This is key to understanding our world. They also need to understand that places have changed over time and one way to do this is to look at different maps of the same place. 



The map above is of Smethwick today. What can you spot?


The map below is of Smethwick a long time ago.

Can you spot any similarities or differences? 




We are now going to look at the wider area of where we live. 


Below is a map of England. Why is the West Midlands important to us?

Have you visited any other places in England? Can you find and place them on the map?



Here is a map of the world.

Can you find where you live? 

Can you find any other countries that you have visited?

Can you find any countries you would like to visit?

Are all countries the same?

What's the same and what is different?