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In Autumn 1, we have explored the continents and oceans of the world using maps, atlases and globes. We will be able to locate the 7 continents and 5 oceans on a range of maps. By the end of the topic we will able to identify hot and cold places of the world, the equator and some physical and human features of the continents. 






Seven Continents Song - YouTube

Five Oceans Song - YouTube 

Maps and Compass Points

In this topic, we looked at the four different compass points and we came up with silly rhymes to remember the compass points. For example: Never Eat Silly Worms. 

We then looked at the different map symbols and we also drew our own map symbols. 


We also looked at our local area on Google Maps and then we drew our own maps with the map symbols. 

Mugurameno Village

We looked at Zambia and we focused on a village called Mugurameno Village. First, we identified Zambia on a world map. We looked at what continent it was in as well.

We then looked at some of the similarities and differences between Smethwick and Mugurameno Village.