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St Matthew's Church of England Primary School Primary School

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This half term we are going to be designing and making a healthy sandwich. We are going to be learning what makes a healthy sandwich and practise the skills necessary to make the sandwich. 

Such as; cutting, spreading, grating and peeling. 


We can't wait to share the final product!


We looked at an artist called Igor Lukyanov, who drew portraits. We then practised some of the skills that Igor used in his portraits. For example, hatching, cross-hatching and shading. After we have practised some of these skills, we then drew our own self-portraits. 


Here are some examples


We looked at the artists Sharon Deegan and Brandon Allebach. We looked at some of their paintings. We noticed in their paintings they used tints and tones, so we practised these skills first.

Here are some examples of Sharon Deegan's and Brandon Allebach's work


Here are some examples of our own work 

Wheels, axels, chassis and joining

We looked at different vehicles and discussed the different vehicles that we have. For example, cars, trucks, lorries, vans, limo etc. 


We then practised making a ladder by using straw, masking tape and PVA glue. After, we joined wheels and axels. 


Then we planned what our final vehicle will look like and what we will need as well. 


This is what our vehicles looked like

Sculpting - Artist focus Henry Moore


In art this term, we will be focusing on using clay to sculpt the human form, in the style of Henry Moore's work. 

We will learn and use different techniques to manipulate and join clay.