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St Matthew's Church of England Primary School Primary School

Learning together in the love of God

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Curriculum Intent



· To ensure that all pupils have access to opportunities to be physically active.

· To ensure a broad and balanced programme of curricular physical education is provided.

· For pupils to develop a sound knowledge of the body in action and the effects of a healthy lifestyle.

· For pupils to develop knowledge and understanding of core movement in order to perform skills with accuracy and precision.

· For pupils to be inspired by sport and be motivated to continue throughout their lives.

· To provide children with opportunities to be competitive, creative and skilful.

· To promote working as a team and individually.

· To increase physical activity participation throughout the school and across the whole school community.

· To enlist the expertise of outside agencies and coaches in order to promote physical activity throughout the school day.

· To ensure teachers plan and deliver high-quality physical education.

· To raise the profile of physical education throughout the school and encourage cross-curricular learning.

· To continue and promote the theme of the Olympic legacy and exercise the core values; respect, excellence and fair play.

· To develop positive self-esteem in all pupils.



· A long term plan maps out the PE curriculum coverage for each year group and medium-term plans ensures skillsets are taught effectively.

· A structure for children’s progression is provided which enables development in P.E. and movement skills.

· A variety of skills and games are taught within the bracket of different sports in order for children to receive a broad experience of physical activity.

· Teachers share the learning objective and success criteria at the beginning of each lesson so pupils are fully aware of the intent of each lesson.

· A record of assessment and evidence is recorded on the Succeedin PE platform in order to inform future planning and teaching.

· The P.E. policy is shared with staff and reviewed and implemented consistently throughout the school.

· The P.E. leader liaises with advisory and local authority staff and P.E. networks, school coordinators and outside agencies in order to keep updated with national guidelines and effective use of funding.

· Staff to keep an updated knowledge of the subject through CPD.

· The PE leader audits P.E. equipment and organises the maintenance of resources.

· The PE leader monitors and supports staff in planning, delivering and assessing P.E.



· In planning, delivering and assessing physical activity effectively, teachers have a sound understanding of the physical understanding and ability of their class.

· The P.E. leader ensures the development of P.E. within the curriculum is consistently taught throughout the school.

· Children have access to high-quality physical education in order to obtain maximum progress in the subject.

· Children participate in the national guidelines of the “30:30 active minutes” per day (30 minutes outside of school/ 30 minutes within school) therefore contributing to a healthy, active lifestyle.

· Children are encouraged to become independent learners and confident decision-makers.

· Children’s physical and emotional well-being is enforced as well as their knowledge and understanding.

· Access to new sports and activities motivates participation and competitiveness.